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Dear Writer’s Block

A letter breaking up with Writer's Block once and for all!

Dear Writer’s Block,

It’s not you. It’s me. It’s me finding reasons why I shouldn’t sit down and write when I want to. The ideas are there, but so is the guilt of wanting to do something for me instead of doing for my family. I mean, seriously, I’ve had two new novel ideas pop into my head within the course of two months and while I’ve started to jot down ideas and maybe write a page or two, I suddenly feel the need to do something else that feels more productive.

Oh my god, how does that even make sense? I’m a writer by trade! I write for a living and that makes me want to write even more! But when I get home from work and I look around the clutter that is my house, there is some weird switch in my brain that gets turned on and makes me go, “Oh, I need to do the dishes before I write. Oh, I need to spend time with Bucky* before I go write. Oh, I need to do the laundry…vacuum…fix the toilets, etc. ad nauseam.”

And why am I worried about needing to spend time with Bucky? Bucky is the one person that will look at me and ask me why I’m not writing when I tell him I want to write and then don’t do it. Bucky gets it. That’s the artist in him. He knows that when the creativity hits, you have to scratch that itch. Nat gets it too.

So Writer’s Block, I need to tell you goodbye.  Adios. Avdersane or however you spell it. Aloha. See you later, alligator. If I don’t break up with you now, I never will and I will never see that goal of being on the New York Times Best Seller list. Or at least the goal of selling books to more than just my immediate family. I know I can do it. My writing got me my publishing contract. It got me my job.

And, dammit, it’s going to get me somewhere. Which means I have to do it. Which means I have no time for your Writer’s Block lurking ass and the guilt you bring with you. I can write while clothes are washing and drying. It only takes ten minutes to do the dishes…less if I load up the dishwasher.  Vacuuming the house? Well, Nat* said she likes doing that so boom…she has a chore.

There is absolutely no reason why I cannot carve out an hour or two every night to sink myself into a world of my choosing and just let my children come out to play. Of course, I will need to ensure that Bucky and Nat SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE! It’s more Bucky than Nat, but whatever. I’ll deal with him.

So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest and we are no longer going steady, here is the game plan I intend to put in place:

  • Monday and Thursday: I shoot pool on these nights, but hey, I can still write at lunch and while I’m waiting for my match. They don’t like me sitting at a table with my laptop, tough shit. It’s happening.
  • Haunt season: Again, lunch gets me my writing in. Plus I’m doing this boot camp thing to help get the juices really flowing so that will help. Once haunt is over, well, my evenings and weekends are all my own again…just in time for NaNoWriMo with my niece.

So, what am I going to accomplish now that we have officially and unequivocally parted ways?

  • Blogging on my website at least twice a week…starting with these boot camps
  • Blogging on Stoney Hollow Paints once a week…after all, I am part owner and need to get that moving
  • Working on my novels. NaNoWriMo will be A Man Out of Time. After that, book two in the St. Pierre Legacy series. From there? I got ideas including A Dangerous Game, my Aussie romance (thank you, Luke Arnold, for influencing that one), my Agency series and rewriting Beyond The Steps of Stone once and for all.

Okay, I hear you whispering in the back of my mind. What about horseback riding? You are gonna use up a lot of time riding and training Apache and helping with the other horses. Why are you worried about writing?

Because writing is my first passion, that’s why. Don’t you try and trick me out of breaking up with you. It’s not going to happen. You can just stop that nonsense right now. If anything, shooting pool will go away on Monday nights to accommodate my writing. I’m not happy with that team anyway. Too much drama.

And the horses fuel my ideas for books and stories. So…*blows a raspberry at Writer’s Block*

Let’s be honest, Writer’s Block. You’ve been letting me wallow in writer’s guilt for far too long. I don’t want to be a two-book wonder. I don’t want my academic learning to stagnate because I’ve let the guilt take over my mind. I want to write the articles. I want to write the blogs. I want to write the novels. Today is the first day of kicking you to the curb and walking away with my head held high.

And see! Deborah just walked in! She’ll make sure I keep on track. We support each other and she won’t take any crap from you!

So, Writer’s Block, it’s been fun…not really. Go find someone else to plague for it will no longer be me. I am taking back control and setting my writing career beyond the walls of my job back on the proper track. You are no longer in control.

Here, I packed your bags for you, bought you a train ticket and the taxi is waiting to take you away. Don’t let the door to my mind, to my Loft, hit you in the tuckus on the way out. I wish you good luck in the torturing of another soul.

No longer yours truly,

Beth A. Freely

Author. Journalist. Novelist. Wordsmith.

*Names were changed to protect the innocent.

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