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Fido Gets To Go – article for Pet Lifestyles Magazine published as Beth A. Freely

2017 Hardtales Volume 4 
2017 Hardtales Volume 3 
2017 Hardtales Volume 2 
2017 Hardtales Volume 1

These articles celebrated Tucker Rocky’s 50th Anniversary.

2016 Hardtales Volume 4Interview with Steve “Brewdude” Garn of Brew Bikes and Rider Spotlight on Jared Mees of Indian Racing

2016 Hardtales Volume 3Biker’s Choice 45th Anniversary and Rider Spotlight on Shayne Texter

2016 Hardtales Volume 2 – Various articles plus Rider Spotlight on Jared Mees

Sponsored Racers Burning Up the Track – Blog

Regulating Your Voltage – Blog

Made In The USA – Newsletter

ATV/UTV Spring Maintenance Time! – Newsletter

What’s in Your Go-Bag – Blog

Which Winch: Steel Cable or Synthetic Rope? – Blog

Summer Maintenance: Tips to Keep Your Ride Running Smooth – Blog

June 2017 Newsletter

6 Marketing Metrics – Landing Page

What Has Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Done For You Lately? – Landing Page

Carolina Learning Center – Newsletter E-Mail Blast

Exporting Your Small Business To Africa – Article

The Basics of a Business Plan – Article

Royal Swazi Spa Overview – Article

Namibia Travel Overview – Article

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