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Copywriter. Wordsmith.

Born and raised in upstate New York, with a brief and very influential stint living in Great Britain, Beth A. Freely Rauch calls Texas her home.

Beth has over 10 years writing experience as a copywriter and published author. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Media Communication with a minor in Marketing, and a master’s degree in English and Creative Writing.

Resume available upon request.

My Portfolio

Academic papers that I wrote for my Bachelors and Master’s degrees. I wrote some under the name Beth A. Carpenter.

Articles and blogs that I wrote for various freelance clients and full-time employers.
Press releases I wrote for various freelance clients and full-time employers.
Whitepapers I wrote for STM Writing Solutions.

Websites that I have designed and/or developed content for.

Photos I have taken and other media I have developed for freelance clients and full-time employers.

My Novels

Behind the Eyes of Dorian Gray

One nameless portrait. One best-selling author. A dark revenant. A chance for redemption? The sparkling brown eyes of the man in the portrait seemed to follow her, the pigments on the canvas moved as if alive...

The Legend of Captain St. Pierre
with Mariam M. Neyens

There is more to the legend than meets the eye. And not even the most notorious pirate could prepare for the truth. Twin sisters Igraine and Branwyn St. Pierre have been unwillingly perpetuating the legend of the infamous pirate Captain St. Pierre. Having lost their father, Benoit St. Pierre, at age sixteen, the sisters have been sailing the Spanish Main under the guidance of their guardian, Zachariah Hammond, a cruel man who has forced them to do his bidding. 

My Articles

Book Hangover

Ever nurse a book hangover? I have. And the most recent one came after I had finished reading “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien for the third or fourth time since becoming an adult.

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