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Author: Beth

Primary Sources and How To Use Them

Understanding what primary sources are and how to use them in your content is important for any writer. Check out this informative infographic to learn more.

Beyond the Steps of Stone: Maturity, Character Voice & Evolving Story

One of my goals is to get Beyond the Steps of Stone published in 2021. I don’t care if I go the traditional route and pitch it to an agent or self-publish it. I just know that next year is the year. As I started reworking the book, I also discovered that I did not connect with the characters the same way. So, I started looking at the original character templates I came up with and that little voice in the back of my head went, “Nope.” I no longer heard any of the voices the same way and I knew that my book was changing into something more as I worked on it.

Book Hangover

Ever nurse a book hangover? I have. And the most recent one came after I had finished reading “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien for the third or fourth time since becoming an adult.

Meet Crispin Yates

Meet Crispin Yates, the love interest of my forthcoming novel, “The Loch.” Get a rare glimpse of how I build my characters.

The One That Got Away

Day 2 of my Writing Bootcamp challenge was to write about the one that got away. I’ve never really had “one that got away” so this gave me the chance to do a little creative short story fiction writing in first person POV. Enjoy.

Do You See What I See: Symbolism in Literature

Symbolism in literature allows authors to deepen their themes, giving them the means to get right to the emotional and subconscious centers of their reader’s minds without most readers knowing it.