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Category: Character Profiles

Beyond the Steps of Stone: Maturity, Character Voice & Evolving Story

One of my goals is to get Beyond the Steps of Stone published in 2021. I don’t care if I go the traditional route and pitch it to an agent or self-publish it. I just know that next year is the year. As I started reworking the book, I also discovered that I did not connect with the characters the same way. So, I started looking at the original character templates I came up with and that little voice in the back of my head went, “Nope.” I no longer heard any of the voices the same way and I knew that my book was changing into something more as I worked on it.

Meet Crispin Yates

Meet Crispin Yates, the love interest of my forthcoming novel, “The Loch.” Get a rare glimpse of how I build my characters.