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A video game character holding a laser pistol and wearing eye goggles with description text about character quirks.
How do you make your characters believable? Whether you write plot-driven novels or character-driven ones, your characters need to seem natural and human. If you want your character to resonate with your readers give them some quirks.
Narrative writing is the bread and butter of all good storytellers. It is how we tell […]
Setting is an important part of any story. Whether it’s a memoir or a fiction novel, […]
A woman reading a book outside with text about this blog
Reading a book is an investment. It’s an investment of the reader’s time, trust, and mental […]
horror writing description with vampire graphic
Edgar Allan Poe. Stephen King. Anne Rice. H.P. Lovecraft. Bram Stoker. Mary Shelley. These are all […]
a mother and daughter dressed for halloween
“Show don’t tell.” It can be the bane of fiction writers everywhere. It doesn’t matter if […]
sidekicks high fiving
Dick Grayson. Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. Scooby-Doo. Samwise Gamgee. Wong. Jimmy Olsen. They all have […]
open hands holding change
Mood. Tone. What’s the difference and why is so important in your writing? Read on to […]
Mood board showing tips on how to write a novel
As a published author I have had many people ask me, “How do you write a […]
Photos of villains
Villain. Anti-hero. Mischief-maker. Miscreant. Antagonist. Most stories have one. Some of them are subtle antagonists, such […]