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A video game character holding a laser pistol and wearing eye goggles with description text about character quirks.
How do you make your characters believable? Whether you write plot-driven novels or character-driven ones, your characters need to seem natural and human. If you want your character to resonate with your readers give them some quirks.
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If you’re an internet model, an artist, or a photographer, Instagram is a slam dunk. You’re […]
Narrative writing is the bread and butter of all good storytellers. It is how we tell […]
Setting is an important part of any story. Whether it’s a memoir or a fiction novel, […]
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Reading a book is an investment. It’s an investment of the reader’s time, trust, and mental […]
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Edgar Allan Poe. Stephen King. Anne Rice. H.P. Lovecraft. Bram Stoker. Mary Shelley. These are all […]
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“Show don’t tell.” It can be the bane of fiction writers everywhere. It doesn’t matter if […]
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What are writing sprints? A writing sprint is a timed burst of focused writing. You don’t […]